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"Stephanie and her entire team are always kind and easy to work with."

Teacher Caroline Page purchased and sold her first bungalow in Wilmington with the assistance of Stephanie Lanier.

Read Caroline Page's story about her experience with Stephanie Lanier and what advice she has for you.


Caroline was in the market to purchase her first home in Wilmington. She truly wanted a fixer-upper within her budget. She lived in Raleigh at the time working as a teacher and Stephanie assisted her on the weekends due to Caroline's schedule. They found the perfect 1943 bungalow which Caroline and her parents were able to renovate. After about two years of living in her first home, she decided it was time to sell due to the positive market updates. She put it on the market with Stephanie as her seller's agent and the home sold for multiple offers within 3 days. Caroline was able to build a new construction condo thereafter and Stephanie helped her through the entire process.

Why Stephanie Lanier?

Caroline's mutual friend introduced her to Stephanie and Caroline instantly felt connected to Stephanie's personal background. As a teacher, she found comfort in knowing Stephanie's story as a mother and agent in the Wilmington community.

She wanted an agent who was knowledgeable and considered her own desires. Caroline was a young single buyer and most assumed she wanted a small home that wasn't going to require a lot of work. On the contrary, she had assistance from her family and her dad was very handy and capable of assisting her with a fixer-upper. Stephanie listened to Caroline's desires and showed her the type of homes she was truly looking for. Stephanie was able to walk Caroline through the first time home buyer process without ever making her feel uneducated in any way. 

"Stephanie is 100% the most thoughtful person you are going to meet."

What Was Most Memorable?

The house Caroline ended up purchasing first had a rough inspection report. Cautioned by the inspector himself she had to decide if she still wanted to take the home project on, or not. Stephanie supported whichever decision she wanted to make and when it got kind of scary she made Caroline feel like she could "do this." Stephanie turned a nerve-wracking scenario into a positive one.

When Caroline expressed the thought of selling her home, Stephanie followed up their initial conversation with a pull of comparables in the area. She very quickly was able to show her what price they could list her home for. That efficiency combined with her knowledge was always impressive to Caroline. 

How Was Stephanie Lanier Different?

Stephanie is 100% the most thoughtful person you are going to meet. Considering how busy she is in her own life, she is still intentional in her personal and professional life. In terms of the Lanier Property Group itself, they are organized and thorough. Caroline didn't have to question anything, she was always informed of the next steps.

When Caroline was selling her bungalow Stephanie provided a video tour of the home to complement the gorgeous professional photos. Stephanie promoted Caroline's home on social media and it got a lot of attention and engagement prior to selling.

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Caroline's Advice to You

If you're considering buying or selling your home, my advice would be to 

"Find the right person, like Stephanie, that is responsive and listens. I think they have to be knowledgeable enough and considerate of what you are thinking."

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