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Hurricane Tips

Hurricane season starts on June 1. Our team of experienced real estate agents has put together this handy Hurricane Tips guide just for you. We’ve left out some of the advice you can easily find other places and instead focused on things we’ve learned through the years as well as critical information for homeowners. We hope you stay safe during potential storms and find these pro tips actionable and helpful.

Our #1 Top Tip — Call your insurance company to file a claim RIGHT AWAY — even for minor damages.

Download all of our noteworthy tips about post-hurricane insurance claims below.

Hurricane tips you might not think of...

  • Put your cold-brew coffee into a separate cooler (you’ll thank us in the morning).
  • Charge backup battery packs to keep your phones charged.
  • Have a few pairs of gloves handy for debris clean up. 
  • After the storm, check the storm drains in your neighborhood.
  • Track any roof shingles that come off (if possible).
  • Please be careful if you are planning to use a generator.
  • Take photos of your entire house before the storm hits.
  • Be prepared for tornadoes.
  • If you have pets, get their vaccination records from the vet before the storm.
  • Download our full Hurricane guide below.

When you live on the Southeastern coast, hurricanes are a fact of life. And since knowledge is power, knowing how to prepare for a coming storm and what to do in the aftermath can make a tremendous difference when it comes to your safety and lasting property damage. We hope everyone stays safe when the next hurricane hits. When the sun starts shining again, and even before, we’ll be here for you. 

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