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Welcome to the team you’ve been looking for.

Our story.

Lanier Property Group (LPG) was founded in 2012 by husband and wife Andrew and Stephanie Lanier. Together they built a boutique brokerage with a hybrid model that included the best of a team and the best of being an independent agent. Next, they focused on marketing and branding to stand out in a crowded market. Carefully they created a team and a culture to last for the long haul.

In 2020, LPG merged with Intracoastal Realty Corporation and became the Lanier Property Group team. Although we have our own office, our team reports to the Intracoastal Realty Barclay Office. The support and resources we receive from both the corporate office and the Barclay office have been unmatched and we are thrilled to be part of the Intracoastal Realty family.

Let’s start with the foundation of our business: our culture and our team.

Our family-first culture is something most people notice about us on our website, just from the photos. We are close-knit, positive, supportive, and would drop anything to help each other. We’re also competitive and driven but in a balanced way. We tend to be more collaborative than the average real estate team because we value every member’s voice. 

“You don't build a business – you build people – and then people build your business.”

-Zig Ziglar

A team that operates like a family.

Discover our refreshing approach to real estate business and life. The Lanier Property Group prides itself on the value of people, customer service, family, and doing good for our community. Find out what it’s like to be part of our team and what makes our model unique.


What it’s like to be on our team.

Ask any of our agents and they will tell you our weekly team meetings are one of the highlights of their week. We also take time to do training to sharpen our skills, read business books together, review industry trends and economic indicators, and of course, have fun while doing it. 

We regularly get together outside of the office as well for everything from bowling to family cookouts to wine tastings. We are pretty serious about how we celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and professional milestones. We even created a worksheet for our agents and staff to fill out so we know their favorite cake, favorite song, and their coffee and smoothie orders.  

We grow at the pace at which we find people who fit our culture and have the capacity to train and invest in them. We train agents with one-on-one mentoring, shadowing, and individual sessions to learn the tools and systems we use.

We Are Collaborative

Although we operate as independent agents, we've cultivated a super-collaborative environment where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

We Are Supportive

We care about each other's success. We support each other in times of need, give feedback if requested, and motivate each other to reach our goals.

We Are Creative

Everyone has the creative freedom to think outside the box. We like to challenge the status quo, do things differently, and stand out in our community.

We Are Innovative

There’s no other team in the area doing what we’re doing. We're always one step ahead of the curve, trying new things, and adapting to the ever-changing real estate industry.

Our financial philosophy.

At LPG, we are interested in empowering our agents not just to sell real estate but learn how to operate their own businesses. We do this so they have a stable consistent cash flow and reap the rewards (not just the headaches) of being their own boss.

We have a highly skilled team of individuals on staff and on retainer who are able to assist our team in many ways. LPG routinely works with an editor, brand photographer, graphic designer, and social media marketing managers to ensure our marketing is always one step ahead. The Lanier Property Group is thrilled to support multiple local woman-owned businesses. We work with Drewe+Kate, who have been an immense asset in the success of our marketing efforts, on-brand photography, and social media marketing. We also work with Studio Wilde for a variety of branded and graphic design services.  

Lanier Property Group also has professionals on staff who help our agents internally with marketing, listing launch, database management, paperwork, and client relations. Our marketing materials are offered to our agents at no cost, including an extensive suite of resources custom made for our team. We frequently do photoshoots with the team to make sure our database of group and individual images is full, allowing us to keep our promotional pieces current. We offer comprehensive and professionally designed buyer and seller guidebooks to walk our clients through every single step of the process. This allows for our clients to be educated and our agents to stand out in a crowded market.


Our Hiring Process

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Email Us

Email [email protected] to have a confidential conversation. We know it can be a challenge for established agents to explore their options in our small town and we promise to show you the same respect, care, and confidentiality we show to each and every client.


Meet Us

We aren’t a team where you can show up today and then join us tomorrow. We have a simple but methodical interview process that is designed to give you all the information you need while we have the time to get to know you. 


Join Us

With a company as small as ours, each team member is roughly 10% of the culture, so that means it is critical to get it right from the start. Assuming we're the right fit for one another, you'll officially join our LPG family! We're here to welcome you with open arms.

Having a team from different areas and backgrounds allows for exceptional collaboration and support. 

If you are taking the real estate class right now and want to explore joining us, reach out right away. We prefer to hire experienced agents, but one of our current superstars, Lisa Sahlie, started with us from day one. Although you cannot officially join a team when you are provisional, Intracoastal Realty Corporation has a great pathway for this transition period.  

If you are moving to town from out of the area and we’re what you are looking for, please let us know. We were thrilled when Janet Byrd joined our team after selling real estate in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Katy Seward sold real estate in the D.C. and Northern Virginia area before coming to Wilmington, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Katlyn Hamm moved to Wilmington from Greensboro where she won Rookie of the Year in her office. Rob Flannigan , who joined the LPG team in early 2022, comes from New York and joined Intracoastal Realty where he won the 2021 Rising Star award. We appreciate having experience outside of our market to help serve our clients in unique ways.

If you are in new construction and would love to have some of your weekends back but don’t know if you can afford to switch to general brokerage practice... give us a call! Lindsey Holmes came to us via new home sales and has successfully made the switch.

We are looking for agents who:

Love to learnThink outside the boxLike to have fun!

Are driven
Take initiativeBelieve the customer comes first

Give back to their communityAre open and collaborativeAre conscientious

Our digital marketing & technology can't be beat.

Our marketing has won many awards and has been featured in both national and local media outlets. Our leader, Stephanie, frequently speaks about marketing at real estate conferences around the country and is a contributor to Inman News.

Marketing is our strong suit and our sellers often choose us for that reason. We have a graphic designer, copywriter, and editor on retainer, all of whom our agents have access to, which allows them to produce beautiful, high-quality content quickly. Our big emphasis on marketing matters since the way we market our team reflects on our ability to market real estate. We use a myriad of platforms and tools to deliver multi-channel marketing, some of which are exclusive to us in Southeastern North Carolina.

We've also created an extensive network of referral partners around the U.S. that makes up a meaningful part of our business each year. We are so committed to the value of our real estate friends around the country that Lanier Property Group is the presenting sponsor of the Real Estate & Marketing Conference through The Inspiration Lab that is held in Wilmington for hundreds of women in real estate. Agents and marketers from all over the country have flown in to learn from one another and shared what they have learned. 

We believe in giving back.

Earlier this year we partnered with Giveback Homes to participate in a build day with our local Habitat for Humanity. We were so honored to help the homeowner (a single, working mom) with building her new home. It turns out we have some seriously handy agents on our team.

Our clients know they are getting a personalized service based on our local expertise, industry knowledge, and expert team. We receive an abundance of support from Intracoastal Realty in all aspects of our business and we feel very lucky to be part of the area’s leading real estate company. If you think that you would be a good fit for our team, please reach out to us below.


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The Lanier Property Group, Inc. will make employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, sexual preference, veteran status, marital status, disability, or any other characteristic protected under applicable laws and regulations.

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