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50 Houses

Lisa Farthing Sahlie

Lisa is a native North Carolinian who has watched Wilmington grow since she moved here in 1993...

Lisa is a native North Carolinian who has watched Wilmington grow since she moved here in 1993...

Feb 6 3 minutes read

4 years ago I was a mom who had stayed at home with the kids for 18 years... and I wondered how I could enter the workforce after being out of it for so long?  It turns out that the skills I used as a homemaker - multitasking, building relationships, scheduling, researching, consumer math, not to mention buying and selling my own homes - provided an excellent basis for a career in real estate.  I have found that our life experiences are a launching pad for learning a new profession or new skills, and if we use the resources available to us, we have an opportunity to reach a high level of expertise, whatever our goals are.

What have I learned about real estate 50 home sales later?

 In our real estate market, the inventory of homes is low, and buyers can get discouraged with the limited choices of homes. Working with my buyers through diligent searching, exploring all the options and thinking outside of the box, we have found homes that fit their needs and they are excited to own.  I cannot find a $200,000 home on Wrightsville Beach, but I do help my buyers know what they can find for their budget. With realistic expectations, perseverance, and working together, we have always found what my clients hoped for.

Because of the low inventory, we often find ourselves in multiple offer situations. At Lanier Property Group, our experience with these situations has taught us what it takes to win, and much of it is knowing how to appeal to a seller beyond just paying more for the house.  If we do lose in this blind auction situation, we walk away knowing we did all we could to win and we will find another home.  When I have lost multiple offers, the home my clients ultimately bought has always been better than the one they lost.

Many of my clients are either downsizing or upsizing, which means they need to sell a house and buy another one.  This scenario often feels like a step into the unknown for my clients, but at Lanier Property Group we use the power of a team, including wonderful support staff, to sell the home and to walk through all the steps of finding a new home and working out the time frame.  

I love building a positive working relationship with my clients and working towards a happy ending for them, no matter what buying or selling scenario they face.  I can’t wait to meet my next 50 home buyers and sellers for the next 50 homes!

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